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Work by The Trunk Of Funk

The Trunk Of Funk [Biography]

A Quite Light

Limited Edition


Limited Edition

Patience Soul

Limited Edition

Patience Soul - Deluxe

Limited Edition

Pilgrim - Deluxe

Limited Edition


Limited Edition

Porcelain Skit

Limited Edition

Sparks Fly

Limited Edition

Sphinx Mekhat

Limited Edition

Sphinx Mekhat - Deluxe

Limited Edition

The Trunk Of Funk

Gareth Tristan Evans (aka The Trunk of Funk)

Gareth Tristan Evans is a professional mixed media artiste based in the North West of England. He is best known for his two series 'Urban Geisha' and 'My Father's Books' both of which are exhibited in galleries in the North of England and Scotland.

Gareth's ‘Urban Geisha’ series presents captivating images composed of portraiture, decorative pattern, rich colour and texture. Drawing inspiration from childhood comics, music and a classics degree, the blend of vintage, retro and contemporary is often clear to see. The creative process is a mix of photography, digital techniques, hand applied finishes as well as traditional pencil and brush work to achieve the finished pieces. Much of his work from ‘My Father’s Books’ to the ‘In Layers’ versions of the Geisha series are presented within a 3D format.

“Each piece of artwork that leaves my studio must reach my quality threshold. I'm a detail obsessive. Every time someone chooses to purchase an artwork I have created, I never fail to be delighted. It's a privilege and makes the makes the whole process worth while."

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